The Region....


There are lots of things to do:

Surrounded by lush meadows and small forests you enjoy the view across to the Alps, from "Mount Gruenten" to the Arlberg (Austia), on clear days right to the "Saentis" (Switzerland). In the meantime the children may play on the wide open car - free surroundings.

During the winter months langlauf tracks locally known as "Loipes", connect Pension Tornau with Isny and Beuren. Nearly is also a "Loipe" for beginners

Our Bed &Breakfast is situated in the mids of a net of hiking trails. You can set off them right from our house.

A multitude of narrow roads and tracks encouraged you to cycle and inline skate.

Near Pension Tornau is a lake for swimming. At "Neutrauchburg" is an indoor-pool that welcomes visitors

Do you care for hang gliding? That too is possible nearly and is lots of fun.